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Here you will find a few albums mainly from Asia and Sweden from trips and events between 2002 and 2008

External link to most of my recent albums

External link to some of the best pictures

External link to pictures from 2012


Even a blind hen can find a seed and thus this collection of documents, mainly travel diaries, Stock and TA references and some info on China


One of my main interests is travelling. I am not done with this page yet but hope to be able to provide stories and advice about travelling in Asia


Wanna play tetris or Sudoku .. then this is the place :-D. It also have a few links to good webdeveloping sites.

Me, myself and I

Since this is a webpage and it is about me then a short presentation is appropriate. at the age of 34 I am currently living in Shanghai with main interests in sports (Gym, Basketball and floorball)

This is my homepage, it's main purpose is to entertain and update family and friends of my whereabouts. It contains some photos, some trips and a few useful things about China.

This page was created during spring 2007 and if you want to store a webpage like this I recommend you to visit the webhotel i use

All in all we're just another piss on the great wall .. so don't forget to enjoy while it lasts and live the moment :-)

Webmaster: makks@hotmail.com



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