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Some personal links to sites that I think are interesting and add to what should be common knowledge :-)

Perhaps the best newspaper to read if you want to stay on top of whats happening in the world. The economist

If there were only to be one sport Basketball would be my choice .. NBA identifies BBall but I play in the Shanghai International Basketball League, check it out!

Perhaps the best site on the internet when it comes to useful information --> the Wikipedia

Seals and polarbears are drowning, the ice is melting and when it does big cities will fall. Please visit climatecrisis.net for more info

There is only one place like home. MORA in my heart!

If you got stories of your own you want to share please mail them to me at makks@hotmail.com

Travel stories

In 2004 I started to produce a small .pdf file for each trip I made. Just to keep track of highlights and good stories. Collected below are a few of my and Lai's travel stories Please enjoy !!

Myanmar (swe)

Myanmar (eng)

Philippines (eng)

Cambodia (Swe)

Cambodia (eng)

Nepal (eng)


Sweden 2006 (Swe)

Vietnam (eng)


China .. useful doc

CWA: China Win Again! Information is a good tool to make the fight a bit more even though :-)

Taxlaw for foreigners: As a foreigner you are allowed to gettax returns on money spent on travel, food, housing and transportation!

Overall TaxLaw: More indepth about Tax laws in China, mainly different % treshholds

Real estate .. whats the future in China??


China .. what to see

After surfing about mainly at http://gochina.about.com I have put together this rather comprehensive what to see guide for China

1 (1K)

Stocks and TA

TA is the art of reading charts, check out some useful TA docs here

- First the Swedish TA bible! A comprehensive document about how to read and react when reading charts

- Second the almost as comprehensive and still in Swedish .. the TA ref

- Last but not least the english document about different ways of using spans (like bolinger bands etc) TA 2


Good T/A software

NEW SOFTWARE [updated 12/5-08]

I have written a small stock analysing program in Excel and VBA. Nothing fancy and quite basic but it will provide you the possibility of building and monitoring your own portfolio in Excel This report contains a stock history from March 2007



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